Welcome to my little hole in the wall at Shafted Students. Like my fellow hole in the wall owners, I too am a Tech student who has felt the shaft of injustice and entirely too much bs coursework. So, with the aid of my friends, we here at Shafted Students hope to point out these injustices in hopes of conveying to prospective studends what college is really like.

Things to do:

  1. Get more involvement in Shafted Students
  2. Work on the site
  3. Work on my page >_<
  4. Create teleportation device.

hmm... I don't remember a Dr. Sonic...

Boredom: Don't let it happen to you!

It's a screen-shot of a screen-shot of a screen-shot of a screen-shot of a screen-shot of a screen-shot of a screen-shot of a screen-shot of a screen-shot of a screen-shot of a screen-shot of a screen-shot of a screen-shot of a screen-shot of a screen-shot of a screen-shot of a screen-shot of a screen-shot of a screen-shot of a screen-shot.

Chapter 2: Peanut Butter

Arkansas stood terrified at the atrocity he'd just witnessed. He was so terrified he even peed a little! So he started to walk back into the woods to find his tree where he knew he'd be safe. On the way he noticed that some things about his woods were different. Like the tree where he grew up, it seemed thicker, mossier, and smellier. "Phew!" said Arkansas as he passed by the tree. Then, the sky turned green and started to fade into night and without warning Arkansas started falling through the ground! "I can fix this with peanut butter..." Arkansas thought to himself. Thud! Arkansas hit the ground, but he was not hurt. "Where in heck am I?" he thought. Finding himself exactly where he was when he started falling, Arkansas decided to continue on to his tree. He started whistling while walking through the woods his favorite show tune, "Puttin' on the Ritz", when he was greeted by a 6 foot hot dog. Arkansas was very surprised to see a hot dog in the middle of the woods, as one might imagine, but when the hot dog started talking, he was completely weirded out. It began to speak, "Hello Arkansas. My name is Hamburger and I've been waiting a very long time to see you. You've discovered the secret of life and that is a very big discovery. The ninja monkeys were protectors of that secret and now that it's location has been discovered a new protector must be found." Arkansas could not believe his ears! It was talking! "So with a heavy heart for our loss, I Hamburger, bestow upon thee immortality and the powers to guard the secret of life. What say you Arkansas?" Arkansas looked up eagerly at the 6 foot hot dog named Hamburger and wagged his tail. "Thank you." Said Hamburger. Then he exploded, returning to his own dimension in which hot dogs were sentient beings and their names made no sense.

The Water's Edge: By Me

There once was a dog that lived in a tree. His name was Arkansas and he was a husky. One day, Arkansas came across the secret of life, and so like what most dogs would do, he sniffed it, then peed on it marking it as his territory. This made Arkansas happy, and he trotted away But then a reign of ninja monkeys came flying down out of a helicopter. Scared and confused, Arkansas ran back to his tree where he hid. But it was no use, the ninja monkeys were too smart and they knocked him out and took him away. Arkansas woke several hours later to find himself in a strange world. Everybody was upside down and wearing hats for shoes and shoes for hats! "This is terrible!" thought Arkansas. Then he realized that it was he who was upside down and hanging from a skewer over a fire! Arkansas tried and tried to blow out the fire, but that only seemed to make it bigger! So as a last ditch effort, Arkansas let out a mighty woof! "WOOOOOOF!" said Arkansas. The woof was so loud, that the ninja monkeys got scared and started kicking Arkansas too! Luckily though, the ninja turtles, flying high above in their ninja-copter, heard Arkansas and flew down to kick some ninja monkey butt! Leonardo was the first one off the ninja-copter. He jumped off and before he hit the ground he beheaded two ninja-monkeys with his sword in one blow! Next came Raphael, he ran three of them through with his sais! Then Michelangelo flew off on a bike running over forty ninja-monkeys!! Then Donatello, still in the ninja-chopper, tilted the blades down and chopped them all up!! It was raining blood!! Then our of no where a T-Rex came out of the woods and ate everybody (except for Arkansas!)!

My "wow" experience.

Ok, so we, going to an awesome school, get free copies of things from Microsoft via the MSDN Academic Alliance. So with that, I decided it would be a good idea for me to go ahead an upgrade to Vista. I thought, hell, it's got to be better than XP. But I sadly found myself eating those words with a side of dog crap. Yea, I was wowed, but it was more of a "wow, what were these guys thinking?!?!" Why do I have to click 5 dozen times to change my wallpaper? Why do I have to restart to get Vista to recognize wireless networks? ALLOW!!!! So after all that, I installed Debian's favorite Linux distribution, Ubuntu and have been happy with things working ever since.

Dell <3 Ubuntu

So Dell is wising up and realizing that people are hating Vista. They've started selling machines with Ubuntu preinstalled and are offering extended support as well. Mega kudos to Dell for that. It's gotten so bad that they're even reverting to selling machines with XP. Microsoft, what the hell? We know you can do it, look at Media Center, or the new Surface that's coming out. Why do you have to screw up your OS?

“In the end it was the wise man that said you must look into the water if you want to catch the fish. Or use packing peanuts.”